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BlueHost Review – A General Hosting Feature Review

BlueHost offers top-notch web hosting services in an affordable manner. Right now, the company is providing 50% discount on its web hosting plans. The popularity of this webhost in terms of quality web hosting services is what makes the company thick and the favorite of many web masters. If you are looking for an affordable web hosting that does not alter the quality of service and features, you would want to consider BlueHost. BlueHost $3.95 per month promo is on and you can take advantage of the offer to leverage the company’s top-notch web hosting services.

A General Review of BlueHost’s Web Hosting Features

Here are the major features that distinguish BlueHost from other webhosts in terms of quality service and unbeatable technology;

Reliable Server Technology

BlueHost is known for its dedication to reliable and constantly updated server technology. The company is one of the shared web hosting companies trusted by millions of users. In order to ensure constant uptime and uncompromised website speed, the company uses the latest in server, including server room technology. BlueHost’s web hosting technology is simply innovative and stable.

WordPress Hosting

Since 2005, Bluehost has been paraded as the most reliable WordPress hosting provider and highly recommended to both existing and newbie webmasters. Using the BlueHost’s WordPress site builder tool, anyone can easily build a blog or website in a short time. It only takes a click of the mouse to install WordPress while using BlueHost. On the web, WordPress is highly accepted, to the extent that Google and other search engines now have dedicated algorithms just for cataloguing WordPress sites.

Website Builder Tool

If you want to build tons of websites without spending money, the site builder tool that comes with BlueHost web hosting plan avails you such opportunity. Consequently, you can build a website at the snap of a finger. The site builder tool from BlueHost comes with tons of options to help simplify your website design and development. There are vast arrays of web templates to explore, including the Trendy Site Builder, the Soholaunch, Concrete5 and more. Adventurous webmasters would delve deeper to explore CMS world of Joomla, WordPress and Drupai.

Easy-to-Use Email Accounts

One of the BlueHost features you will enjoy even at a discount rate is the reliable and user-friendly email accounts feature. Thus, you can set up unique email addresses domain name which is usable within a specific email client – e.g. Outlook Express, Outlook and Thunderbird. You can also opt to use it as webmail. Other email features include mailing lists, SPAM software and more. The security of each email account is guaranteed, it doesn’t matter whether you are using them as corporate email services or personal email accounts.

Reliable Open Source Software

BlueHost is renowned for open source hosting which is becoming increasingly popular. The Open Source options you can explore while using BlueHost services include Drupal, Joomla and more. The difference with BlueHost’s open source feature is high quality, increased flexibility and affordability. And, it takes just one click to start enjoying all these top-notch features once your account is set up.

CGI and Databases

BlueHost provides users with huge space to accommodate multiple databases on one hosting account. This privilege also comes with special tool that would assist you in managing your databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL). Examples of such highly essential tools include phpMyAdmin and the CGI tool. These tools will also help avail you increased control of your website.

E-Commerce Feature

If you intend to make your website a money-making platform by offering products and services, BlueHost has reliable and effective e-commerce tools to make your dream come true. The e-commerce tools from BlueHost include CubeCart, Magento, Zen Cart and osCommerce. Using these viable tools to run an ecommerce website brings a professional touch to your site, and people would not hesitate to trust your website.

Website Scripts

The simple and user-friendly Website Scripts that come with BlueHost’s web hosting plan are highly desirable. Subsequently, websites’ scripts installation becomes easier and quicker.  Consequently, there are endless possibilities for your websites such as blogs, improved client management, business tools, guestbooks, forums, mailing lists, help centers, RSS and tons of other utilities.

Excellent Customer Support

One of the things that make BlueHost thick is their excellent customer support service. This service is available 24/7 and the hold-time is less than 30 seconds regardless of how many people leveraging the support service at a time. The service is highly friendly whether you are calling the phone lines or using the chat or ticket systems. The customer support team is made up of highly trained professionals who are devoted to resolving every issue in question. BlueHost’s customer support service also comes in form of highly helpful videos and tutorials that cover all aspects of website hosting.

Remember, you can enjoy most of these BlueHost web hosting features with the 50% discount offer.

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